How to stop caring what other people think about you

Wise words from a wise man


We humans are like glass. It can be quite a process to build ourselves up. We may read self help books, make resolutions every January, or avoid voicing our opinion when we fear others may disagree with it. But, when a rock of judgement comes hurling our way it shatters us and everything we took so long to build up. Like many others I was a victim of self-consciousness. I would walk around school with my head held low avoiding situations that would help benefit me. Now, even though my situation has not changed I have been able to gain confidence and most importantly not care about others opinions (except for when there is something that can help me be a better person).
Psychology has always been a very interesting subject to me, and thankfully because of my interest in it I have been able to help myself gain confidenceā€¦

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