Making Connections

 Connecting with people is one of the one of the greatest ways to find happiness. Another option is wifi.


9 thoughts on “Making Connections

  1. Great picture…
    Clever wording…
    Although sometimes I do have to say I am glad for WiFi for I have made some real friends through this venue. 🙂


  2. As I stated on ITDefPat in response to this, the rule of law should come first: one should have copyright on871#e2&s;s own identity. This identity would be licenced to which ever entity we allow – employer, bank, etc. for the specific purpose. Thios inverts that common statement at the receiver (e.g. bank) that they will use the information however they state. Rather than their promise, we grant licence, thus if they violate, we prosecute. It might take some kind of key/hash to track which instance of one’s identity was violated, but that is probably trivial.


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