Being Present is a Gift

By being present in our interactions, we show genuine interest in the person at hand. Being present is something we don’t always think about, but intentionally striving to be in the present moment will enrich interactions and build more meaningful relationships.

Wherever you are, be all there.

-Jim Elliot


The Best Things in Life aren’t Things

Collect memories, not things. As time goes on material things break, get lost, and lose their value. Memories however, will always be there, to remind you of the great things you’ve done. The experiences you’ve had. The people you care about, and the precious moments spent together. So spend more time collecting memories, and leave the things to collect dust.

Unconditionally Loving Yourself

Just as we try to love others, do we remember to love ourselves unconditionally? I know often I get caught up in the feeling that nothing I do is good enough, and always just wanting to be better. Consider the idea of fully accepting yourself for who you are, loving yourself flaws and all. When you come to love yourself, you grant yourself the ability to more fully love others as well. Accepting ourselves does not mean that we do not continue to improve.

“Acceptance isn’t stagnation — you will change no matter what. You can’t avoid changing. The question is whether that change comes from a place of acceptance and love, or a place of self-dislike and dissatisfaction. I vote for unconditional love.” – Leo Babauta